Critical Reviews About the Art of Herb Rosenberg

Herb is swiftly becoming the most outstanding artist we have ever graduated... [from Harpur College SUNY.]

Dr. Kenneth Lindsay
Kandinsky Scholar
Professor Emeritus
Binghamton University,  New York

Rosenberg's work has developed a most magnificent technique to express human emotions. His monumental columns speak across cultural boundaries. The Guangdong Museum is very pleased to have acquired one of his columns.

Huangsheng Wang
Director Guangdong
Guangdong Museum of Fine Arts 
Guangzhou, China

Capturing his audience with striking boldness and intimate imagery Rosenberg's work commands attention.

Roland Saynz
Jadite Gallery
New York City

In this art work the parallel nature of the forest sings to me a sweet song with a twist of humour bound up in the fantastic material of aluminum. It's a strong reminder of our relationship with the earth.

Neal Livingston
Environmentalist, Artist
Former Chair National Conservation Committee, Sierra Club of Canada

In the first decade of the 21st century, a new breed of Formalism is emerging. It is predicated on a new aesthetic which is being forged by artists like Herb Rosenberg. This aesthetic reexamines seminal issues that are imbedded in traditional Modernity, revisiting them against the ebb and wane of a formalist Postmodernism as well as dying Modernism with its over dependence on machines and technology.
What is new in his art is Rosenberg's courageous dependency on feeling as a component within his current abstract works. This new artistic tendency is the first salvo across the deck of radical new- conceptual art. Which is perpetually glorifying and now advocating the inevitable end of 'human' art. Corporeally, Rosenberg's art epitomizes that which is meant to human, a human being.

Dr. José Rodeiro
Fellow, National Endowment for the Arts
Visual Artist
Professor of Art History, New Jersey City University, New Jersey

No I choose to slide on the silver surface.
It is not an illusion that I slip on solid ice.
Polished by the buff of stardust
That I ride on a plume of water
And feel the surge of inner earth beneath
That I am bourne on strong clout, plant
My feet on its meniscus and take root,
Wheat scattered by the sower's hand.

Judith Green
November 12, 2006
Cheltenham, England

Now that room,
With the high ceiling, and wooden floor,
lit white walls 
doors to the frost visited garden
it unhung, the ripples of aluminum
will undulate across the space
getting fainter and
fainter until they return to the earth
from whence they came.

Judith Green
November 12, 2006
Cheltenham, England

To walk in Herb Rosenberg's Ancient Forest Sculpture Garden is to be at one with the universe. Mr. Rosenberg can touch your heart, your mind, your spirit with the miracle of these huge aluminum sheets transformed to the organic material from which life is made. You won't forget walking in this garden. Don't miss this opportunity.

Linda West Eckhardt
James Beard Award winner
January 2008
New Jersey

See video of  "Dialogue with an Ancient Forest"