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Video // Shelter
Herb produced a seven minute video for 14Sculptors inc. entitled SHELTER which seeks to the human need to seek protection speak through the sculptural voices of eight sculptors
Video // Herb's Trump Saga
Exhibition // Monument to Hope
June 3 - October 9, 2017
Opening: June 3 from 12:30 - 2pm
“Monument to Hope” can be seen at the corner of Beach 74 Street and Shore Road, Rockaway Beach, Queens. It is part of the 14 Sculptors Inc. show On the Rock 2017 that features 17 sculptural works, 16 artists and 15 sites. The exhibition celebrates the beauty and spirit of the Rockaways and can be viewed from Beach 73 Street to Beach 108 Street now through October 9th.

Review - Dr. Elaine Foster
Your Rockaway Beach sculpture is so handsome! You are so versatile! When I remember your sculpture over the years it has explored so many avenues! All of them; you do well, but this one is so pure, so simple and so sophisticated that it stands out and is very moving!

For me there is a sense of rising upward towards the heavens with joy! It's the color that elicits the joy. I made a pin after 9/11 with a bursting upward thrust, towards the heavens. A sense that we will rise again.
Exhibition // Melting Glacier
February 2 - March 31
Reception: February 27 3-6pm
Melting Glacier
The Mandala Chronicles at
Medalia... Rock & Hammer Gallery
335 West 38th St, 4th Floor, NY
Exhibition // A Horse Named Intrusion
November 13, 2015
A Horse Named Intrusion
The Borough of Leonia, NJ has invited "A Horse Named Intrusion: Keeping an Eye on You" to be placed in the center of the borough at the corner of Broad Ave and Beechwood Place. It can be viewed starting November 13th.
May 14 - June 14, 2015
Open Orange 2015 Juried Show
A Program of Valley Arts
Orange, New Jersey
March 2 - May 1, 2015
2015 EAFA Juried Abstract Show
Evergreen Association of Fine Arts
Seattle, WA
May 8th : 4-8pm
Herb Rosenberg at the Tunnel Show
Booth 112
The Contemporary Art Fair NYC Chelsea opens Thursday, May 8th through Sunday, May 11th at The Tunnel on 11th Ave between 27th & 28th Streets.

champagne opening reception: May 8th 4-8pm
from atop a 14’ high chair of aluminum and brass
February, 2012-2014
Wavering Twilight
Stainless Steel and Iron 9'x4'x4'

Invitational, Sculpture Garden of the City of Leonia, New Jersey

National boundaries are slowly becoming faint as a global economy slithers through the myriad of cultures around the world. The unique indigenous flavors, colors, habits, sounds and ideas, which have peppered the earth, can no longer be protected by distances. Cultures are being assimilated, diluted and sometimes ingested or coerced. The digital world might be seen as having created an atmosphere, a WAVERING TWILIGHT, of the distinctions that have been the origins of cultures.
January, 2012
Self Portrait
Aluminum and sprinkles. 18”x24”x1”

[The start of an introspective series]

The 15-year-old set up a large mirror on the ledge of a wide easel. Enthusiastically, the iPod was set to play loud, mesmerizing music he always used as ritual to be morphed into the zone.

He was startled by the staring eyes of a 70-year-old man introducing himself. Speaking of a reality check!

15-year-old features had installed themselves for 70 years in his mind's eye. They materialized every time he shaved.

It was difficult to continue working on the portrait. Staring at the person through the third person needed to be transformed into a first person experience.

There seemed to be a great many barriers to deal with. The shock of not having looked at the ‘real’ person for so long was disturbing to say the least. Perhaps my blindness had contributed to the many comments which have described me with youthful personae. For weeks I stared at many storefront windows introducing myself to myself until I was able to go back into the studio to face a real truth. I had grown to like the looks of the guy in the mirror.
January, 2012
"Revelations On The Brink Of Change"
2012 Tour Locations
Brooklyn, NY April 14th-30th Brooklyn Art Library
Chicago, IL May 3rd-5th Hyde Park Art Center
Portland, OR May 11th-13th The Cleaners at the Ace Hotel
Vancouver, BC May 15th-16th W2 Media Cafe
Los Angeles, CA May 24th-26th am8bit
San Francisco, CA June 2nd-June 23rd Pop-Up Shop
Boston Area July 6th-8th LynnArts
Portland, ME July 11th-14th SPACE Gallery
Toronto, Canada July 18th-22nd The Gladstone Hotel
Philadelphia, PA Aug 23rd-25th The Painted Bride with InLiquid
Atlanta, GA Aug 29th - Sept 1st MASS Collective
Austin, TX September 8th-16th Co-Lab Project Space
Melbourne, Australia* November 10th-25th NGV Studio
July 2011-July 2012
9’x3’x1.5’ - Stainless steel
Gallatin Art Crossing, Bozeman, Montana,>
Here is a monument to awareness of our vulnerabilities: to that which we take for granted which can slip away or be taken from us while we are going about living our lives. VIGILANT takes in its peripheral world. It can ingest the signals of danger. It senses the world around; stretching upward and upside down with its dynamic fluid form is in constant motion.  Stainless steel shimmering flat surfaces appear as bold linear forms in space that have the strength to illuminate the many camouflages which are nonchalantly enveloping us all. It is hoped that experiencing silent words of VIGILANT, the viewer might recognize the impact of egos and greed that surrounds them.

She and he aught to pay attention to the birth of the flame, which at present might seem smallish but can, in an instant, be harnessed to extinguish the vital human treasures which we cherish.
November - December 2011
Occupying 2011
NJCU Faculty Biennale, Jersey City, New Jersey

Finally, something has emerged trying to trump the greed of Wall Street… Groups of people simply standing, talking to each other and [not to my surprise] others beganing to listen. This piece reflects the simplicity of speaking the complex in a universal voice.
"The scholar" Galvanized Steel 8’x4’x3’
September 2011-2012
"The scholar"
Galvanized Steel 8’x4’x3’

A pensive lone figure contemplates, argues with himself, discusses with inner intimacy finally inviting you to consider the hole in the wholenesses of thinking.
September 2011-2012
The Night Bagdad Exploded in Jersey City
AFTERWARDS and FORWARD: A ten year 9/11 reflective art exhibition
8’x4’x1” Aluminum  
The Visual Arts Gallery at New Jersey City University, New Jersey

A couple of years after the numbing shock of watching the two planes fly into the World Trade Center across the Hudson River from my studio I was again able to work on making beautifulness. The ecstasy was short lived. The studio became four walls of agony the night George W. Bush started murdering Bagdad. The nonstop alighting of the city with militarily surreal fireworks and the television coverage of it infuriated me.
The anger of that night poured out into THE NIGHT BAGDAD EXPLODED in JERSEY CITY.  The ferocity of the bombing ignited the furious creation of the eight-foot by four-foot aluminum panel. The small wide-angle mirror in the piece is placed to establish the ownership of the events of that evening on every person who experiences the sculpture.
EXHIBITION // One must still have chaos...
One must still have chaos in oneself to give birth to a dancing star
Sept. 1-28, 2011
One must still have chaos in oneself to give birth to a dancing star
Alunimum and Glass 18”x24”x6”
Governor’s Island, New York City

14 Sculptor’s group  has been selected for participation in the 4th Annual Governors Island Art Fair. Across from Governors Island is the Statue of Liberty. This public monument can be interpreted as a self  portrait of Lady Liberty herself, in an abstract way.  As a symbol of welcome and greeting, the artists of 14 Sculptors Gallery have created an exhibition titled HEAD TO TOE: images of themselves to introduce to the public. In this intimate indoor setting at the art fair, the sculptors choose to reveal parts of themselves, not necessarily dealing with their likenesses. >Thus spoke Herb Rosenberg through words of Zarathustra as his contribution to the ‘Head to Toe’ exhibition. ”What you see is the whole me, from head to toe through  organized chaos of light, color and shimmeringnesses.”

EXHIBITION // Flesh Forms Invitational
January 18, 2011 - March 15, 2011
lesh Forms Invitational
Curated by Jose Rodeiro
Lemmerman Gallery
New Jersey City University
Jersey City, New Jersey>Two Pieces
‘Penalality’ 9’x3’6”x18” Aluminum [a section of “Dialogue” Installation].
Oh My! 3’6”x3’6” Fabric Dye on Silk

Flesh Form celebrates contemporary interpretations of the body.
EXHIBITION // Not Sight Invitational
February 4, 2011 - May 22, 2011
Not Sight Invitational
Touch: Not Sight Invitational
Curated by: The Noyes Museum
Oceanville, New Jersey >‘Vigilant” 9’x4’x2’ Stainless Steel

An fine art exhibition inviting the visitors experience the work through the splendor of physical contact as well as  visual aesthetics
Actuality // KAPPA PI
May 11 2010
Herb Rosenberg was inducted into KAPPA PI, the International Honors Art Fraternity.
Exhibition // "Dialogue with an Ancient Forest"
Jan. 15 - March 1st 2010
The Dialogue with an Ancient Forest is opening at the Emily Davis Gallery of the University of Akron Ohio.  It will be on exhibit between January 15 and March 1st 2010.

See pictures of the exhibition "Dialogue with an Ancient Forest" in New Jersey, March-April 2008, The Walsh Gallery, Seton Hall University
On the Top // "Dialogue with an Ancient Forest"

Nov. 7th - Dec. 30th 2009
Opening reception November 7th, 5:00-8:00pm Dialogue with an Ancient Forest, Perth Amboy Visual Arts Center, 339 Reade Street, Perth Amboy, New Jersey 08862

Its very possible that ancient forests around the world house the silent history of life's survival techniques from which, if we are to endure, we should learn to listen or perhaps, listen to learn. Eavesdropping on these chroniclers of healing we just might not land up destroying ourselves and the world we love.
Come and walk through an environmental awakening of thirteen, nine-foot columns within an amazing sound-filled space.
The installation consists of thirteen nine foot columns on wooden bases in which  a wireless speaker system emanates a sound composition created by Andrew Rosenberg, Herb's son.

See pictures of the exhibition "Dialogue with an Ancient Forest" in New Jersey, March-April 2008, The Walsh Gallery, Seton Hall University

If you do not see the video, click here

Exhibition // "Sculpture for New Orleans"
An invitational exhibition to support the revitalizationn of New Orleans after Katrina: Xavier Univeristy.Along with Louise Burgoise qnd other notqble sculptors; Rosenberg's work, PEOPLE VANE an eight foot tall steel piece reflects the powerful determination of the New Orleans cultural to continue to flurish: See the map

See more images of "Sculpture for New Orleans"
Exhibition // "Black Cloud over America"
2Black Cloud Over America: 2000-2008
A powerfull image of the dark times in America 2000-2008. The eight foot qnodized aluminum sculpture is an important componant of an invitational exhibition curared, by the group 14Sculptors, for the Salem Art Works Sculpture Pqrk in Salem, New York.

See more images of "Black Cloud over America"
Commission // "L'Apostrophe" in Paris
Commission development for a Parisien hotel
Writings // "Things Happen"
A Novel. The humor of the unexpected are encountered in vignettes which takes the reader through adventures within epocs and countries


  • November 2011, Lecture tour of Brazilian Museums TBA.
  • September 2011, From Head to Toe an exhibition on Governor’s Island, New York City.
  • September 2011, ‘Bombing of Bagdad” in Afterwards & Forwards, New Jersey City University.
  • February 4th- May24th 2011, Touch:Beyond Sight, Noyes Museum, MUSEUM.
  • April 2011, Inducted in to American Academy of Contemporary Artists.
  • March 2011, SCULPTURE MAGAZINE, review, Dialogue with an Ancient Forest.

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