Exhibitions in United States by Herb Rosenberg


"Taking Chances".

2006, Jadite Gallery, New York City.


"Crossing the Line" is not only looking at the other side but going there. This exhibition was dedicated to those many strong people in my life who have crossed the line and who have lived and acted on principles which have made a difference to other people in big and little ways, you know who you are. The nine larger rectangular fused glass and aluminum pieces are fairly self explanatory by their titles. All of the glass components are hand made from sheets of glass which are cut, layered and then melted together in a kiln. These works continue my exploration with light and illusion but now metal elements are integrated with the translucent qualities of glass. Colors here are stretched between the aluminum and the glass sensations in order to complete a visual sonata. The small square pieces which are composed of aluminum, fused glass and all sorts of found objects are not easily explainable for they seem to ooze out of a part of me on their own... the component parts seem to come to life by their own magnetic attractions to each other. I have collected hundreds of small 'things' over many years. They all live together in my studio. I build the frames and then the dance of the small things begins and here are a few of the results.