Artist's Biography & Resume

I am a left-handed Aquarian art-maker in the tradition of some of history’s most zealous artists. My studio is never without works-in-progress in progress. Currently one would see a nine-foot tall aluminum column in the works.

Mystery also surrounds this large brick studio behind my house in Jersey City [originally a 1919 small factory manufacturing the optical components of surveyor equipment] where a stockpile of traditional tools and sketchpads may be found amidst any number of things from dragon fly wings to miniature plastic cows. Smaller works are also gestating. Found objects are waiting to find their place somewhere in the myriad of small aluminum and glass works in progress. My treasures are often gathered from human discards on the street and nature’s refuse found along back country roads.

New York City raised me. Dyslexia prevented me from reading at an early age. To compensate, my mother introduced me to a non-reading voice: working with clay from age nine to eighteen: I half lived in the art school of the Brooklyn Museum.

My college junior year was spent abroad studying sculpture at the Ecole Nationale Superieur des Beaux Arts where I lived the Paris life of an art student. Back in the States, I set my sights on continuing my fine art studies in the graduate school at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. To pay for this part of my education, I worked as a Youth Parole Officer in Brooklyn’s Bedford Stuyvesant neighborhood.

In 1971 I became a tenured professor at New Jersey City University, got married and became a father. This provided an economic and emotional stability enabling me to seriously pursue my creative work. Becoming a father and then primarily a single parent has been and continues to be a powerfully dynamic and constantly changing phenomenon. When my son was ten years old he accompanied me on a round-the-world tour exhibition of my work. Submerging ourselves into exotic cultures introduced the unexpected into our lives that has enabled both of us to embrace opportunities that have crossed our paths.

We built a cabin/studio in the woods of Cape Breton Island where, since 1974, we have spent every summer without electricity and modern plumbing which brought us closer in other ways.

Throughout my career I have embraced many innovative and inventive solutions in teaching as well as in my artwork. Please, take a look at the INNOVATIVE TECHNIQUES section of the website to see the evidence of this variety of visual creative approaches.

- Herb Rosenberg


Professor Emeritus, 2018, New Jersey City University
Professor, The Art Department, New Jersey City University 1971-Present
Chair, The Art Department. 2006-2012


  • Post Graduate Studies,
  • 1989-1996
  • Herfordshire College of Art and Design, England
  • M.F.A.
  • 1967
  • Pratt Institute, NY.
  • B.A.
  • 1964
  • Harpur College, S.U.N.Y., Binghamton, NY.
  • Certificate
  • 1963
  • Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris, France.

Registered Art Therapist (A.T.R.) American Art Therapy Association
Registered Expressive Arts Therapist (R.E.A.T.)
International Expressive Arts Association, Co-Chair, Professional Standards Committee

Selected Solo Exhibitions

" A Horse Named Intrusion: Keeping an Eye on You" Main Street, Leonia, New Jersey
  • 2016-PRESENT
  • "A Horse Named Intrusion: Keeping an Eye on You" Main Street, Leonia, NJ
  • 2013
  • “The Mandala Chonicles” Jadite Gallery, New York City
  • 2010
  • A Dialogue With an Ancient Forest, Akron University, OH
    A Dialogue With an Ancient Forest” Perth Amboy Art Center, Perth Amboy, NJ
  • 2008
  • "A Dialogue With an Ancient Forest, Seton Hall University, NJ
  • 2006
  • Martin Gallery, Cheltenham, England
    Jadite Gallery, New York, NY
  • 2005
  • "Connections", Museum of Fine Arts, Guangzhou, China
  • 2004
  • "A Dialogue With and Ancient Forest, opus 2"
    [An Installation with sound by Andrew Rosenberg]
    The National Library, Havana, Cuba
  • 2002
  • "A Dialogue With and Ancient Forest, opus I"
    [ An Installation with sound by Andrew Rosenberg]
    University College of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • 1997
  • “Beneath the Surface” Viridian Gallery, New York, NY
  • 1996
    • “Light and Illusion, Part II”, Carriage Barn Gallery, New Caanan, CT
    • “Altared Spaces”, 14 Sculptors Gallery, Soho, New York, NY
    • “Herb Rosenberg, Continued”, Cooper Gallery, Jersey City, NJ
    • “25 Year Retrospective”, ArtSpace, JCSC, Jersey City, NJ
  • 1994
  • A.J. Ledderman Fine Arts, Hoboken, NJ
  • 1993
  • “American Macho”, Viridian Gallery, New York, NY
  • 1992
    • MAC 2000 ,[ Manifestation des Arts Contemporaine,]
      The Grand Palais, Paris, France
    • Performance: SAX-a-FORMs: a duet in Saxophone and Sculpture,
      The Pocket Theatre, New York, NY: ArtSpace and the Great Lawn,
      JCSC, Jersey City, NJ
  • 1991
  • “Light and Illusion”, UNESCO, Paris, France
  • 1990
    • The Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China
    • The Academy of Fine Arts, Guangzhou, China
      Gallerie Vinciana, Milan, Italy
    • The Sculpture Society, Sydney, Australia
    • La Poutre Gallerie, Marseilles, France
    • Centre Bras d'Or, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • 1989
  • Expo Design, New York, NY
  • 1987
    • International Art Expo, New York, NY
    • International Art Expo, Los Angeles, CA
    • Via Kreativa, Goteborg, Sweden
  • 1986
  • Firebird Gallery, Alexandria, VA
  • 1985
    • The State Museum, Trenton, NJ
    • University of London, Goldsmiths' College, London, England
  • 1984
    • University of Louisville, Louisville, KY
    • Steven's Institute, Hoboken, NJ
  • 1982
  • Washington World Gallery, Georgetown, Washington, D.C.
  • 1981
  • Clovelly Lane Gallery, New York, NY

Selected Group Exhibitions

  • 2019
  • "ALTARED SPACES" Venice Biennale- 2019 European Cultural Centre Venice Italy
  • 2019
  • "A FRIENDLY BLOOM" Full Bloom The Hammond Museum North Salem, New York
  • 2019
  • "CRAWLING UNDER THE BLANKETS" the Shelter Project St Thomas Aquinas Collage Sparkill, New York
  • 2018
  • "TO THE FOUR CORNERS OF THE EARTH" the On The Rock project. Rockaway, New York
  • 2018
  • "The Mandala" Victoria Galllery Baddeck, Nova Scotia
  • 2016
  • "Gently Flowing Minds" Atkin Historical Library Pauling, New York
  • 2015
  • " A Horse Named Intrusion: Keeping an Eye on You" Highbridge Park, Manhattan, New York
  • 2014-2015
  • “Oh Sit” New York City Parks Department
  • 2013
  • “Self and Identity” Manhattanville College, Purchase, New York
    NJCU Faculty Exhibition, Jersey City, NJ
  • 2012
  • “Wavering Twilight” 10” City Installation. Teaneck New Jersey
    “Fairly Flat: Farleigh Dickenson University. New Jersey
  • 2011
  • Touch Invitational, Noyes Museum, New Jersey
    Flesh Art Invitational, Lemmerman Gallery, New Jersey City University, Jersey City, NJ
  • 2009
  • St. Elizabeth University
  • 2008
    • “Sculpture for New Orleans”, Xavier University, Louisiana
    • “Changing Planet”, St. Thomas University, Westchester, NY
  • 2006
  • The Brooklyn Show, Van der Plas Gallery, New York City, NY
  • 2005
    • “Black Cloud over America” Mathew Park, Norwalk, CT
    • “Gender”, Jersey City, NJ
  • 2004
    • “Black Cloud over America”, Bridgeport, CT
    • Dangerous Illusions, Jersey City, NJ
  • 2003
    • Perth Amboy Art Center, opening exhibition, NJ
    • 'Tarts', Gallery 20, NYC
  • 2002
  • U.S. Tennis Open, Flushing, Queens, NY
  • 2000
    • “Far and Away”, VANS, Wolfville, NS, Canada
    • Adelphi University, Outdoor Exhibition, NY
    • Annual Exhibition, Salisbury, CT
    • Reiss Park National Preservation Exhibition, NY
    • Faculty Exhibition, NJCU
    • “Dyslexia” Grounds For Sculpture, Princeton, NJ
  • 1998-99
    • Urban Air Forms, New Jersey City University, Jersey City, NJ
    • 20 North St. Clair Gallery, Toledo, Ohio
    • Hudson Water Company, Jersey City, NJ
    • 14 Sculptors Gallery at Nassau Community College
    • Urban Air Form, Jersey City State College
    • The Wild Things, Saint Ann’s Bay, NS
  • 1997
    • University College of Cape Breton
    • Peretz/Ozone Gallery, NYC
    • Cooper Gallery, Jersey City
  • 1996
    • Chinese Cultural Centre, Boston, MA
    • Kansas Sculpture Society Invitational
    • Binghamton University Invitational
    • Cathedral Arts, Jersey City, NJ
    • “The Great Mother and the New Father “ Robert Bly Invitational, ME
    • Viva Kreativa, Goteborg Sweden
    • Centre Bras d”Or, Baddeck Nova Scotia, Canada
  • 1995
    • Cathedral Arts, Jersey City, NJ
    • “Artists & Friends”, Viridian Gallery, New York, NY
    • 14 Sculptors Gallery, New York, NY
  • 1994
    • Three Person Exhibition, The Caboose, Kent, CT
    • Nexus Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
    • Cooper Gallery, Jersey City, NJ
    • Art Initiatives, New York, NY
    • 14 Sculptors Gallery, New York, NY
    • Cathedral Arts Show, Jersey City, NJ
    • Mannar-les-Lys, France
    • Alumintek, Atlanta, Georgia
    • Soldiers’, Sailors’, and Airmen’s Club, New York, NY
    • Galleria Maria, Gothemborg, Sweden
    • ‘Black and White,’ Viridian Gallery, New York, NY
    • Centre Bras d’Or, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • 1993
    • Toyota Invitational, Vaucresson, France
    • Jewels of their Age, Noyes Museum, NJ
    • Annual Invitational, Centre Bras d’Or, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • 1992
    • “American Macho”, Viridian Gallery, New York, NY
    • Columbus Quincentennial, Liberty State Park, Jersey City, NJ
    • New Jersey Invitational, A.J. Ledderman Gallery, Hoboken, NJ
    • Annual Invitational, Gallery Temang, Gothemborg, Sweden
  • 1991
    • Salon des Indépendants, Paris, France
    • “Le Geste de la Main”, LITAS, Paris, France
  • 1989
  • Expo Design, Greenvale, NY
  • 1988
    • World Expo'88 Invitational, Brisbane, Australia
    • New Sweden Invitational, Stockholm, Sweden
  • 1986
  • Allied Artists of America, The National Arts Club, New York, NY
  • 1985
  • Salon d'Automne, Grand Palais, Paris, France
  • 1978
  • Transworld Gallery, New York, NY
  • 1977
    • Maxwell Galleries, San Francisco, California
    • Annual Faculty Exhibition, Baruch College, C.U.N.Y, New York, NY
  • 1971-present
  • Annual & Biannual Faculty Exhibitions, JCSC-NJCU, Jersey City, NJ

Commissions (Partial)

  • 2007
    • 8' Aluminum [wall] Arabian Horse, Ian Marsh Associates, Cairo, Egypt
    • 6', Acrylic Horse, Peter Goetz, Cold Springs, New York
  • 2004
  • 8'x3' Wall Installation, Eliran Murphy Inc., New York, NY
  • 2003
  • 8'x4' Wall Triptych, C. Goldblatt, Nice, France
  • 1998
    • 40’ high Millennium Installation, Stainless Steel and Yellow Birch, New Jersey City University, Jersey City, NJ
    • Office Entrance, Bysis Corp., Aluminum and Copper, Park Ave., NYC
  • 1996
    • 10' Stainless Steel Exterior Installation, Chief Justice Miriam Shearing, Inclince Village, NV
    • 12' Stainless Steel Weather Vane, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada
    • 12' Stainless Steel Interior Installation, Palo Alto, CA
  • 1994
  • Interior wall installation, Boca Raton, FL
  • 1990
    • Corporate Entrance: 579 5th Ave Corp., New York, NY
    • Village Center Monument: Centre Bras d'Or, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • 1989
    • Penthouse Installation: Goetz/Eliran, New York, NY
    • Sculpture Garden: Seybold Publications, Malibu, CA
    • Holocaust Memorial: Hollis Hills, New York, NY
  • 1988
  • Interior Installation: Mobil Oil Corp.: New York, NY
  • 1987
  • Monument Restoration: Lincoln Park, NJ
  • 1986/88
  • Annual Awards Presentations: Mystery Writers of America
  • 1985
    • Landscape Fountain: Ville d'Avray, France
    • Atrium Renovation: Verrieres le Buisson, France
  • 1984
  • Corporate Logo: Say-It-In-Neon, New York, NY
  • 1983
    • Logo Design and Fabrication: One Time Square Corp., New York, NY
    • Landscape Fountain: Palisades General Hospital, North Bergen, NJ
  • 1982
    • Exterior Mural: Johnson Agricultural Farm, Nova Scotia, Canada
    • Monumental Interior Reliefs: Sitmar Cruise Lines, Los Angeles, CA
  • 1981
    • Robeson Memorial: Lafayette Park, Jersey City, NJ

Portraits & Busts

  • Senator Bill Bradley – politician/athlete
    • Imogene Coca - comedienne
    • Douglas Fairbanks Jr. – actor
    • Pete Seeger - folk singer/activist
    • Earl Robinson – songwriter
    • Dick Cavitt – TV personality
    • Eli Martin – architect
    • Eileen Herman – artist
    • Vance Stevens – interior designer


  • 2011
  • Sculpture Magazine by Jose Rodeiro
  • 2010
  • Inducted into the KAPPA PI International Art Honor’s Society
  • 2009
  • Akron Reporter
  • 2004
  • Fox TV: Herb Rosenberg Dialogue with an Ancient Forest
  • 1995-2011
  • Who’s Who in America, Bowker
  • 1998, 1994
  • Jersey Journal
  • 1992
  • New York Times, Vivian Raynor
  • 1990-2010
  • Who's Who in American Art, Bowker
  • 1988
  • New York Art Review, Krantz
  • 1985
  • Light and Illusion (video), Bersch
  • 1984
  • Imogene Coca, a portrait, Newsweek


  • 2005
  • Bayonne Annual Artist Exhibition, NJ
  • 1985-2000
  • Centre Bras d'Or, Cape Breton Island, Canada
  • 1997
  • UCCB Inaugural Museum Exhibition
  • 1994
  • Hong Kong Biennial Sculpture Exhibition
  • 1992
  • Hong Kong Biennial Sculpture Exhibition

Gallery Representation

  • Jadite Gallery, New York City, NY
  • Martin Gallery, Cheltenham, England
  • Rockaway Artists, NY
  • 14 Sculptors, New York City, NY

Professional Affiliations

  • 2011
  • American Academy of Contemporary Artists
  • 2010
  • KAPPA PI International Art Honor’s Society
  • 1962-present
  • College Art Association
  • 1972-present
  • American Art Therapy Association, Founding member
  • 1985-87
  • International Art Therapy Educators, President
  • 1974
  • New York Art Therapy Association, Founding Co-President
  • 1985-present
  • New Jersey Art Therapy Association
  • 1970-present
  • International Sculpture Center
  • 1990-present
  • Australian Sculpture Society
  • 1995-present
  • International Expressive Arts Association, Standard Committee Member
  • 2000-2002
  • The CASE Museum, Jersey City, NJ
  • 1997-present
  • The Hurley Foundation, Board Member
  • 1980-2000
  • Centre Bras D’Or Cultural Centre, Executive Board Member
  • 1992-1994
  • Hudson County Cultural Council Advisory Board

Collections (Partial)

    • The Zimmerli Museum, Rutger's University
    • The Gallery, UCCB, Sydney, Nova Scotia
    • The Village of Baddeck, Nova Scotia, Canada
    • MANA Corporation, New York, NY
    • Robeson Archives, New York, NY
    • Gale Research Inc., Chicago, IL
    • Kowal Enterprises, Paris, France
    • Johnathan and Patricia Seybold, Malibu, CA
    • Peter Goetz esq., New York, NY
    • Dr. Anneke Prins Simons, Jersey City, NJ
    • Chief Justice Mirium Shearing, Reno, NV
    • Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou, China

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2002 - Herb Rosenberg on Fox TV.
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1985 - Herb Rosenberg's solo exhibition at the New Jersey State Museum.
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1979 - Imogene Coca sitting for Herb Rosenberg.
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